Extreme Ears


Extreme Ears


All ears?

Brindle & Whyte’s Extreme Ears are as impressive as they are delicious.

Be sure to keep these treats hidden away in the cupboard, because no amount of packaging can keep your hound away from these irresistible treats.

100% air-dried, with no artificial additives, hormones or preservatives.

Just what your hound deserves!

5 x Extra Large Pig’s Ears (approximately 240g)


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Our Extreme Ears – are air-dried naturally in their raw state at a low temperature over a long period to remove the water content, and retain all the vitamins and minerals. All of our treats are supplied by the very best of European manufacturers. We don’t believe in industrial mass-produced treats, so you can rest assured that these pig’s ears have neither travelled halfway across the world, nor emitted much CO2 on their journey. Suitable for all but the smallest dog sizes; medium and large.

Do not feed to puppies under the age of 14 weeks old.