Care Instructions

Here’s some tips to keeping your collar looking its best

Our collars and leads are handcrafted using top quality materials, sourced right here in the United Kingdom.  Some dogs, however, are very hard on their collars, constantly pulling, wrestling or scratching.  Because it is not possible to predict the wear that any collar will be put through by an individual dog, we are therefore not able to provide you with a limitless guarantee for our products but if any faults occur with the materials or workmanship within one month of purchase, we promise to take it very seriously.

Atacama and Atlas Collars

Our Atacama and Atlas collars are made from a single layer of super strong polypropylene and with solid brass hardware. These collars are our toughest collars and are designed to last the test of time. If an Atacama or Atlas collar gets wet/muddy: After a dip in the sea, take it off and rinse under the tap to get rid of salt and sand. After rolling in mud give it a soak in some biological washing liquid and rub gently or you could put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry or leave to dry on a towel. You must make sure there is no bleach in your washing detergent – as the brass will turn black upon contact with it. Bleach is hidden under many different names in the detergent industry, so make sure you read the ingredients list very carefully. We cannot be responsible for brass that becomes discoloured during washing.